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Function - Meaning -Feeling

My pots are made with great pleasure for you to enjoy with the people you love. Their design is carefully chosen to be extremely functional and suitable for any style of house, 

I constantly absorb the beauty of my natural surroundings and while my hands work the clay, thoughts about mankind and our life on earth arise. I infuse my pots with these thoughts by using symbols and patterns embedded on the clay. These symbols and patterns speak to us at a subconscious level of ancient wisdom. My pots bring the essence of the natural world into your home and are made to withstand the ware and tear of everyday use. 

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Handcarved Stoneware

 Made with high quality white stoneware I shape my pots using techniques which include the potter's wheel, hand building, slab rolling, carving and faceting.  I then apply self developed  glossy, colorful glazes to enhance the patterns and textures imprinted previously on the clay. This is a lengthy process as the pots need time to dry slowly before they can go through two firings. Working with clay is a way to learn about mother earth, the peculiarities of this natural medium and requires much patience and respect for the rhythm of natural cycles.


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 Vale van der Merwe

+353 873939665


Shanganagh Beg

Co. Laois


R14 AW77

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